My teaching informs and extends my research. I regularly teach Introduction to Composition and Rhetoric. In this genre-based, research-focused writing in the disciplines course, students experiment with the writing process and compose genres in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. In my teaching, I emphasize how arguments, evidence, and authority are presented in each of these fields. Thus far, I have asked students to compose scientific literature reviews, popular health/science articles, infographics, book reviews, book talks, undergraduate research grant proposals, elevator pitches, and multimedia public service announcements.

In AY 2015-2016, I taught Writing in Health and Medicine, a specialized writing in the disciplines course that exposes students to a range of professional and public scientific and medical genres. I was able to use my research about the rhetorics of Lyme Disease as an example of how arguments about scientific and medical controversies change and circulate.

In addition to my experience in the writing classroom, I have served as a teaching assistant for  Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill and Women, Art, and Culture at University of Maryland. I have also spent time helping students develop undergraduate humanities research projects in my role as a  Graduate Research Consultant  for Reading and Writing Women’s Lives Fall 2014) and Life Writing (Summer 2016 and 2017).

My teaching experience also extends beyond the traditional university classroom. I have worked as a teaching assistant for the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth summer program and the Warrior-Scholar Project, as well as a sexual health peer educator with SHARE at the University of Maryland Health Center.


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